Black Olive Bonsai Tree #21403

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Black Olive Bonsai Tree #21403

General Information:One of the most loved species of cultivated Bonsai is the Black Olive 

The Black olive is a native of the upper Florida Keys (some do not consider it so) and is not the edible olive.

It does produce a small, black seed-capsule. The lush, dark bluish-green, leathery leaves are clustered at branch tips, sometimes mixed with long spines found along the branches.

The Black Olive is a delicate tree and almost grows into a bonsai by itself. It is very salt tolerant and is a good choice for bonsai lovers who live by the sea.

Location:Black Olive trees like full sun in the summer, less in winter, but still full light as an indoor plant. Do not expose to temperatures below 40º F. The Black Olive tree should be kept below 64º F in winter.

Watering:Bonsai trees live in small pots and their world dries out much quicker than plants in the ground or in bigger pots, so close attention should be paid to watering.

Striking a balance between not enough water and too much water can be a bit tricky but is very important.

Water thoroughly, keeping damp, but not wet. Reduce watering in the winter. An old bonsai watering trick is to place the entire pot in a sink of water an inch or two deep and let the water absorb from the holes in the bottom of the pot. The Black Olive tree may benefit from weekly misting.

An inexpensive moisture meter takes the guesswork out of watering.

We sell them on our web-site. Water slowly so it absorbs into the dirt, otherwise the water will run all over your table. We pot our bonsai trees specifically to drain well, so it’s almost impossible to over water.


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