Black Pine Bonsai Tree #1200

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Black Pine Bonsai Tree #1200

Black Pine - Pinus thunbergii

Width: 17” Height: 21” Depth: 9”

General Information: An excellent, small, irregularly-shaped Pine, the size and shape of Japanese Black Pine is variable reaching a height of 25 feet and a spread of 20 to 35 feet. The exceptionally dark green, five to seven-inch-long twisted needles are borne in groups of two. Although trees may or may not have a central leader prune to develop one if the tree will be grown to a large size. Branches are held horizontally in a picturesque silhouette and sometimes can outgrow the central leader forming an attractive multi-stemmed specimen tree. Black pine is a native of Japan. It prefers but does not insist on colder climates; needs special care if grown in the warmer regions. It has rough bark and dark needles.

Family: Pinaceae.

Lighting: They require full sun and good air circulation. Turn the tree from time to time so that light reaches all parts of the foliage.

Temperature: Zone 6 through 8. The black pine does not like extreme heat, especially in the area of its roots. Spray the foliage with water daily during the summer.

Watering: May be allowed to go dry between watering. Needs good


Feeding: Fertilize with an acid based fertilizer.

Pruning and wiring: Do pruning during the early growing season. On all 2-needle pines, begin pinching at the end of spring when the buds have matured. First pinch the undesired weak buds and a week later pinch the undesired strong ones. (Just opposite for 5-needle varieties.) Then, as a result of this first pinching, selectively remove buds in the weak areas, leaving only the biggest and strongest. In the strongest areas leave the weak buds, removing the biggest and strongest. Remove needles growing from the top and bottom of branches, leaving only lateral needles. Every other spring, if the tree is healthy, you can remove all of the new candles.

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