Banyan style bonsai trees

Banyan style bonsai trees

Published by Alva L. Hayes on 12th Jun 2017

Ficus Nerifolia Bonsai Tree

Have you ever driven down that old road in an old town and these trees that cover the streets, and they have tons of these huge ariel roots coming off the branches to the ground well, those are more than likely banyan trees especially if you see them here in South Florida. So what we did here about 30 years ago we started replicating the art of bonsai into that style of bonsai tree with that look of the Coconut Grove area in Miami Florida. We started collecting these large specimen banyan bonsai thirty years ago, they have since then become pretty popular. Some of the first banyans before my time came around from my master Joe Samuel's Ficus Nerifolia "The Cloud".

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