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Bonsai Tools

We carry a full line of "Samurai" bonsai tools.Our bonsai tools are made of highest quality metals yet at an inexpensive price. Our high quality bonsai tools are great for all levels of bonsai enthusiast. This is the home of the Samurai Bonsai Tools.

  • Bonsai Concave Cutter

    Concave branch cutter for your bonsai trees. An absolutely indispensable tool for the serious bonsai enthusiast. Designed for removing branches, concave cutters leave a small indented cut that minimizes unsightly scar tissue when healed. If you own only...

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  • Bonsai Knob Cutter 0

    Spherical Knob Cutters “Kobu iri Hasami” are used in bonsai art to remove unsightly knobs, and to cut off branches smoothly. These tools will create a hollow circular cut with one stroke that will enable the bonsai to heal quickly with...

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