Ficus Green Island Bonsai Tree #95130

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Ficus Green Island Bonsai Tree #95130

Ficus sp. is a genus made up of more than 800 species. This tropical is native to warm climates worldwide and may reach upwards of 60 feet in height and width in these natural habitats.

Ficus is actually a fig tree, and is a favorite among enthusiasts because of its easy care and visual interest.

One of the draws of this tree is its tendency to develop aerial roots, thus becoming a "banyan" tree – a tree which appears to have many mini-trunks, due to these roots suspending down from the canopy into the soil.


One main attraction of this tree is that it is one of the few true indoor bonsai .

It will thrive outdoors in summer, however, as long as the temperature stays higher than 55° F. When outside, offer full sun with protection from the hottest afternoon summer rays. Ficus prefer fairly consistent moisture levels and temperatures, with indoor bonsai doing best when the air is between 60-80° F. Avoid cold or hot drafts.


This tree is easy to care for and can tolerate some over or under watering. Like most bonsai, however, it should not be allowed to dry out altogether.

Water thoroughly until the water drips out the drainage hole. For purposes of developing a banyan tree, the bonsai should be misted each time you water it.

A humidity tray is also very beneficial in encouraging aerial roots to form.


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